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Telluride Real Estate by Catsman's Team


The Telluride lifestyle is comfortably familiar to Steve since arriving here in 1972. Today, having been an early investor in Telluride’s

palapacatsman.jpgreawakening and raising a family,  his unrivaled real estate experience spans the Telluride Real Estate market and is not to be overlooked when searching for  slopeside condosmountain homes or pristine 35 acre-plus ranches. Steve offers unparalleled knowledge that makes him the local  source for Telluride, and its plethora of real estate opportunities.

Whether you are the buyer or seller of a home, condominium, lot or ranch, it’s Steve’s blend of refined experience with choice office locations ( Historic Telluride and Telluride Mountain Village) that constitute a valuable Telluride Real Estate experience. In addition to Telluride Real Estate sales, Steve has also been the developer and partner in such successful projects as Mountain Village, Lawson Hill, Adams Ranch in the Mountain Village, Gray Head, Tristant, Townhomes on the Creek and most recently,  Element 52.

Compare Christie’s to Sotheby’s, click here.

Aerial view of Catmando, 685 Wilson Way, Gray Head Wilderness Preserve.


Some of our recent websites:  www.catmandotelluride.com/www.grayheadattelluride.comwww.townhomestelluride.com.

Telluride’s Recent Accolades

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